Scholarship Application

PLI’s Scholarship/Registration Fee Waiver/Financial Hardship Policy:

Full scholarships, registration fee waivers, and discounts to attend PLI programs are widely available to attorneys, paralegals, law librarians, and staff working for nonprofit/legal services organizations; pro bono attorneys/volunteers (providing no-fee legal assistance to clients individually or through a nonprofit organization); government attorneys; judges and judicial law clerks; law professors and law students; retired attorneys; independent/freelance paralegals; unemployed attorneys; and others with financial hardships.

Please submit no later than three days before the date of the program.

Additional Information:

  • Scholarships may be applied only toward tuition (price of item). Individuals are responsible for all other costs associated with attending a program in person or viewing a program online.
  • Scholarships or discounts will not be granted retroactively.
  • PLI scholarships are nontransferable from program to program or person to person.
  • Full scholarships are not available for our Patent Office Registration Exam Course. For more information, contact
  • The PLI Scholarship Committee will reply by email prior to the start of the program.